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Treating the Athletes' Respiratory System

Date:             Saturday, November 11th, 2017

                      9:00am-5:00pm (4 CEU's)

                      (Please arrive at 8:30 for registration so the course may start at 9:00 sharp.)

Location:      York University - Stong College, Room 114

Presenter:    Jonathan Maister, B.Soc Sci (U.C.T), CAT(C), RMT, SMT(C)

                      Click here for bio


For:               RMT's, SMT's, AT's, PT's, Kin

Cost:             $300.00 for CSMTA & OATA Members

                      $330.00 for non-members


Course Info

Ease of respiration is key to an Athlete’s performance. Yet it is a system that is frequently neglected because the therapist may be apprehensive about treating it, or simply unaware of strategies that can be used for this very purpose. The musculoskeletal nature of the respiratory system renders it susceptible to the same holding patterns and restrictions of the extremities associated with strenuous activity. Yet it is by that very fact, easily addressed by manual therapists. By incorporating these techniques the therapist will elevate his or her skillset to the next level and beyond what is traditionally associated with us as therapists.


Course Objectives

  • Review the anatomy of the Respiratory System

  • Review the functional mechanics of the Respiratory System

  • Discuss the clinical significance of the respective respiratory muscles –Diaphragm, Intercostals, Scalenes

  • Learn techniques to address dysfunction of the respiratory muscles, ribs and pleura

  • Review the content and ascertain changes in our own respiration consequent to partnered work

Specific Skill Outcomes

The attendee having done the course will be able to:

  1. Describe to a patient/athlete the mechanics of respiration

  2. Explain the anatomy and clinical importance of the muscles of respiration to the athlete/patient

  3. Assess asymmetrical movement of the ribs

  4. Palpate holding patterns and fascial restriction in the respiratory muscles

  5. Perform manual techniques to release holding patterns in the respiratory muscles

  6. Release restricted fascia in the respiratory muscles

  7. Correct the elevated 1st rib

  8. Disengage pleura that has become adhesed to the thoracic wall

  9. Mobilise the thoracic cylinder


Method of Delivery


There will be 2 primary media of instruction. PowerPoint presentation duplicating the handouts, and partnered exchanges once techniques have been demonstrated.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Attendees must wear loose clothing commensurate with the type of work that they will be doing. Attendees are also asked to bring a pillow to assist with bolstering.

All cancellations must be received 7-days

prior to the course and an Admin Fee of $50.00 will be retained. 

Non-attendance at a course or cancellations received

with less than 7-days notice will not be eligible for a refund.

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