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Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall

About the CSMTA

  • Certification body for Sport Massage Therapists in Canada

  • Formed in 1987

  • Aligned with the Canadian Olympic Committee since 1977

  • Contains regional/provincial chapters

Role of the CSMTA
The CSMTA is a non-profit organization that seeks to serve the Canadian athletic community at all levels, and educate its members, athletes, coaches, parents, and the public about the importance of sport massage therapy. Our aim is to serve all levels of sport participation, from grass roots(local community sports, charity events, high school, etc.), through to Provincial, National and International athletes.

Our Board Members and Committee Chairs

Dedication. Passion.

Below is a list of the people that graciously volunteer their time to provide Ontario Sport Fellow Members/Sport Candidate Members with the best possible experience as Ontario Chapter Members.

We can be reached at or through the personal contact information for each board and chair member.

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